42 North Weddings

Lisa has a true gift when it comes to culminating relationships and scouting talent. She has an enormous respect for the artistry of film, photography and design ... and has such a passion for creating a space where the artists can thrive. We have had the true pleasure of working with Shannen Natasha on a number of projects and simply cannot say enough about Shannen's incredible talent for photography. Shannen is an absolute dream to work with on wedding day; she has a calmness about her and puts everyone at such ease. Needless to say, The Wedding Artist Collective is quickly becoming our "go to" resource when it comes to securing unmatched creative talent in the industry. We can't wait to see how the Collective continues to grow and expand with more and more wonderful people making their magic!

Firefly Events

We LOVE working with Lisa and The Wedding Artists Collective! Lisa is not only a joy to work with, but she also has impeccable taste, which she has used to create a roster of photographers and videographers who's work is beautiful, creative, and thoughtful. Each member is a professional, bringing years of knowledge and experience to their craft, and is truly an artist. The best part is that Lisa let's all of her members concentrate on what they do best (capturing beautiful moments!), while she handles all the logistics like, contracts, scheduling, billing, and anything else that might pop up. As wedding planners, this scenario is nothing short of a dream come true!! We've also had the pleasure of working with Lisa + some of her photographers on some smaller industry events, and we're absolutely inspired by her continual effort to build community and support others in this creative industry.

Sunny & Gordon

To start, Lisa Ashley might be the nicest person on the face of the planet. I must have sent her a thousand emails and every single one was met with the nicest, most patient response a bride-to-be could hope for..... She was so lovely and I can't thank her enough for her time and effort. Now, to get to Josh.... we had friends and acquaintances use Josh for their weddings, and we knew his artistic direction is exactly what we wanted. We were beyond thrilled when he agreed to be our photographer. He is professional, versatile, kind, amazing, just everything! In most of the photos you are unable to tell what time period our photos are from, and that's exactly what we wanted...Josh is really incredible at capturing intimate moments and emotions, which are the most important on a day like your wedding. From every step: getting ready, portraits, ceremony, reception, and ending with an incredible photo booth, Josh Goleman was worth his weight in gold, PLUS SOME!!!!! The photographs they took are already heirloom treasures we will have for a lifetime. We CANNOT thank you enough!!!!!

Marlene & Dave

We could not be happier... If I could add 20 stars to each category, I would! Josh Goleman and The Wedding Artists Collective were such a pleasure to work with!

My husband and I decided that of all the wedding expenses, and there are too many to go into, the photo + video services we booked through the Wedding Artists Collective were the most worthy expenses for our entire wedding!

We now have timeless memories that we will be able to share for many generations to come. Thank you so much for capturing the magic of our special day so eloquently. We will refer you to everyone we know embarking on this exciting journey. :)

Jenny & Patrick

Gary photographed my sister’s wedding and we knew once we saw the very first pictures from her day, that we wanted him to photograph ours as well. We love his photography style - it’s very informal and relaxed - which fit perfectly with our wedding. Looking through our wedding photos you could really get a sense of what it was like to be there on that day. Gary captured all the little details so perfectly - nothing was left out and we can honestly say that we could not have imagined anything more complete and amazing! Besides the outstanding photography, Gary and Lisa from The Wedding AC are really down to earth, and truly genuine people. They made everyone feel relaxed - and it showed in the photos. Everyone looks re- ally natural and Gary really captured their personalities. The box we received with our photos and Polaroids from the photobooth, was so nicely hand packaged, every detail was so considered. You can tell they really care about their craft and quality. Start to finish - a really memorable experience and beautiful photographs.

Kate & David

In short, Lisa and Gary are absolutely the best. Lisa is the most responsive, kind, wonderful person who made the booking process so easy and exciting... And Gary is just the most calming, charming, easy-going, and talented of souls. We are so thrilled with our photos..... he captured everyone at their very best and also their most sweetly candid; all of the moments we now have on film are so heartfelt and special.....In the week leading up to the wedding, we hopped on a call with Gary to introduce ourselves, go over specifics about the day....by the time we got off the phone--nearly two hours later--we felt as though we had just hung up with an old friend.. The day of the wedding, Gary showed up early to scout, set up the "photo booth," and then threw himself into shooting. (I put photo booth in quotes, by the way, because really, we felt as though Gary captured incredible portraits of all who stood before his lens. There was nothing 'point and shoot' about these images.....) Nothing about Gary's images are forced or posed. They are ethereal yet grounded, timeless, and simply beautiful. They are images we will cherish always.

Raquel & Kyle

From experience I can say with confidence that The Wedding AC is highly selective of the photographers they represent. Their process is professional, streamlined and a true pleasure to work with when planning your wedding day. I am a professional photographer and Art Director, so I had very high expectations for how I wanted our wedding day captured. Brooke was a true dream come true for me. She was a pleasure to spend our wedding day with and made us feel special. I have formed a friendship with Brooke post wedding, and hope to one day hire her for family photos when our first child is born next year. Not only was Brooke a true pleasure to work with, but she executed the most stunning photography of our wedding day. She captured the true emotion of the day and has given our family a time capsule of pure beauty to hold on to for the rest of our lives and one day share with future generations. Not only do we love the photos, but others do as well. Thank you Lisa and Brooke. You gave this picky girl a gift that far surpassed the value of any monetary amount we exchanged. I will treasure you all for a lifetime!

Kristin & Brian

I had a very specific idea of what I wanted for our pictures from our wedding day - I wanted to be able to relive the day and see a story in our photos, I wanted it to be candid, I wanted to feel the emotion of the day, see the parts that as the bride I wouldn't get to see (like guests hanging out at the church before hand, or arriving for the cocktail hour), and I wanted them to be beautifully done. We got all that, PLUS quite possibly the nicest photographer to boot. We worked with Shannen Norman who did such a wonderful job capturing those moments throughout the day that you want to remember for ever. She was so nice in fact that our guests commented that they too loved our photographer! And have a crazy mom? Not to worry, Shannen can handle that and still make it feel as though the focus is on the bride and groom - and not miss the moment. To say I am happy is an understatement. I love the "staged" shots that don't feel staged at all. Everyone that has seen the pictures has gushed, and I can't help but gush here too. Love Shannen.

Katie & Pete

Shannen was a complete JOY to work with throughout our wedding year. We were lucky enough to be referred to Shannen by good friends of ours who had used Shannen as our wedding photographer. After seeing their wedding photos and hearing their glowing endorsement we new Shannen would be able to capture our wedding day in a candid, unique, artistic way. Shannen is laid back and down to earth, but also extremely professional. She is punctual, responsive and extremely flexible. She made my husband and I feel so so comfortable and relaxed at both our engagement shoot and on our wedding day. The real proof is in the photos- we were blown away by our engagement photos and our wedding photos!! We cannot stop looking through them and it is going to be next to impossible to decide which images to print!! It's a great problem to have :) All of my bridesmaids and family commented on how lovely Shannen was and everyone is raving about the photos she produced! We would recommend Shannen 1000x over and cannot wait to use her services again! Thank you Shannen for the gorgeous photos!!!!!!!

Christine & Michael

Courtney (of Love + Brain) and her team are magicians. Hashtag - TRUTH. Beyond her talent, she's just such a fun and kind lady who ends up becoming your really cool friend on the wedding day and throughout the entire planning process. She captured moments that I wasn't sure anyone had even noticed and blended them together so seamlessly that I felt like the joy I felt in my heart was visible on screen. Every time I watch our video, I feel so grateful that I was able to find someone like her. It's personal, special and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. You're only doing this one time - IT HAS TO BE RIGHT! Love+Brain isn't your typical videographer who will simply plug moments together with a few random love songs - she makes your day art, and honors it in the way it deserves to be. If you want a beautiful, interesting memory and impress everyone you know - please call Courtney!

Ellen & Darrick

Courtney with Love + Brain films managed to capture our special day like it all was a dream - which it felt like. One big, beautiful, perfect dream filled with family and friends. She sets unique music to each wedding film and takes notice of the moments you never want to forget. She captured each emotion and each highlight in such a way that people who couldn't come to our wedding said it felt like they were there. I've received tons of comments from friends, family, and acquaintances regarding her film. People were over the moon! I will cherish this 5 minute reflection of our wedding forever and consider it essential to the preservation of our day.

Max & Melissa

I LOVE the photos of my wedding, I do. But the film of that day [captured by Eric Hires] is beyond beautiful and so perfectly captures what it felt like to be there in a way that still images just can't. It's something I thought I might have to cut - the budget got tight and it seemed like an easy target. That would have been the biggest mistake! I can't tell you how many people (near strangers, even!) have oohed and ahhed over our video. I've watched it about a million times, yet my heart gets full and my eyes still well up. Eric is talented; he captures these little moments that tell the story in an elegant and heartfelt way. Beyond his talent, he's just a super nice dude. He made us feel comfortable and not remotely self conscious. Plus, guests got a kick out of the 16mm camera and its delightful sound." I can't get that day back, but I have this mini-version of it to watch whenever it feels like it's fading away.