Lisa Raffo Ashley- Founder and Manager of the Collective

Curated and managed by Lisa Ashley, The Wedding Artists Collective is a group of photographers and filmmakers offering wedding, engagement and celebration documentation. We are also the creators of the annual industry retreat, Collective Gatherings.

From her Northern California office Lisa promotes the artists’ work, manages calendars, responds to initial inquires and handles contracts and billing, freeing up the artists to do what they love and do best- make beautiful photos and films!

Interested in learning about the pricing and availability of the artists? Email Lisa here. Want to see more work? Follow along @theweddingartistscollective.

Shannen Natasha - Photographer based in SF, LA & NY

Originally from California Shannen now splits her time between NY, LA and the San Francisco and Napa area.

Shannen's approach to photographing weddings is to shoot each wedding as she would want her own captured. Not only are all the details paid attention to and people highlighted in an editorial manner, but the beauty of ambiance, atmosphere, and of course the moments of the day are all things that she portrays through her work.

Shannen has been named by Martha Stewart Weddings as one of the top wedding photographers in the country and her work has been consistently featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, Brides Magazine, The Knot and more.

You can see more of her work here and follow her @shannennatasha. 

Samm Blake- Photographer based in NY

Samm now lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but she's originally from a small town in the south of Western Australia, Albany. It's considered one of the most remote places in the world and growing up there instilled her with a deep sense of longing for adventure.

She sees her work as a true collaboration with her clients- not a strict journalistic approach only capturing what is there. She tells her clients when they’re looking back on their wedding photographs, she wants them to remember how they felt in particular moments and on their entire wedding day. She never asks her couples of anything that is not honest- she's only interested in the real smiles, real expressions and real emotions.

Samm was named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by American Photo and her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, C Magazine, NY Weddings, Harpers Bazzar and more. See more of her work here and follow her @sammblake and @sammblakeweddings.

Les Loups- Photographer & DJ based in NY

Ro + Kenan live in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with their twin babies Cassius and Townes and their two pups Roscoe + Walter. She’s a photographer and he’s a DJ with a radio show called Chances With Wolves. As you might guess, they love working as a team. They share a passion and interest in the strange beauty that can be found in everyday experiences, and have been making art together pretty much since the day they met. Respecting the fact that everyone has their own, perfectly unique love story, Ro and Kenan bring a laidback, light-hearted confidence that helps to capture the honest, natural interactions that happen between two people in love.

You can hire them just to shoot the photos if you like. Or you can hire them to not only shoot the dance party but to bring it. It’s up to you, but of course we know which one you should pick! Follow them @lesloups

Sasithon Photography- Photographer based in NY + Kenya

Sasithon Pooviriyakul is a lifestyle and travel photographer whose passion lies in capturing the beauty of everyday life. Her photography work, both personal and professional, has led her around the world, from documenting remote village communities in Indonesia or family life in the deserts of Somalila, to shooting outdoor portraits in stormy Iceland, to capturing the urban rhythm of her very own neighborhood. Shooting weddings, whether near or far, always inspires the same feeling of adventure - it's a new, exciting and inspiring moment in a person's life, which, despite all the planning, is filled with surprises. It's in those small (and sometimes big!) unexpected moments that the magic happens and being invited to capture them is a gift. Sasithon is based in NYC and has photographed weddings in the United States, Central America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. You can see more of her work here and follow her @sasithonphoto

Gary Ashley- Photographer based in NY & SF

Gary grew up in San Diego, spent most of his adult life in NYC, then after a short detour in Venice, CA he now lives in Northern California with his wife Lisa and their son, Ronan. The simple goal when Gary is shooting a wedding is to capture the full story of a couple's day. Each wedding is unique with it's own story and he enjoys nothing more than seeing each wedding day unfold. By using a documentary approach his intention is to capture not only the big moments and details from the day but also the little personal interactions that happen between friends and loved ones. He works to give each couple a creative and relaxed atmosphere to shine and, once that happens, he finds the photos almost take themselves. His work has been featured in C Weddings, Refinery29, 100LayerCake, GWS and more. To see more work go to and follow him @garyashleyphoto and @thegaryashleyshow 

Lovebrain Films- Filmmaking Studio Based in NY & CA

Courtney is the principle shooter, creative director and owner of Lovebrain Films. She was born and raised in Minnesota, spent six years living in NYC and is now, by some strange twist of fate, splitting her time between Singapore and NY. Working with her amazing team of filmmakers, Lovebrain is truly a transcontinental studio ready to shoot on both sides of the world at a moment's notice. In addition to her wedding work she's also a Webby Award winning travel video producer. She LOVES (I mean, REALLY LOVES) creative brides and grooms who are putting their own spin on their day. Artful and non-traditional, Courtney works with couples to tell their unique love story. She strives to capture real emotion; welding videos to music that reflect a couple’s style. If her typical client had to be summed up? LB couples are passionate about adventure, fashion, design, traveling and want a digital heirloom of their most treasured moments. Follow them @heylovebrain

Eager Hearts Photography - Photographer based in NYC, LA, Mexico + Destination  

Dacia is a Colorado-born, Brooklyn-based photographer and an adventurer at heart. She lives by the simple philosophy of, "Work Hard And Be Nice To People", and is so grateful to travel often and far to photograph people in love. She believes in the magic of a photograph and the poetic beauty of life's most humble moments. Her style is collaborative, organic and highly emotional. With your photos, she not only wants you to remember how you looked, but how you loved. Follow here @eagerheartsphoto

Eric Hires - Destination Wedding Filmmaker 

Eric is an old soul with a love for the outdoors, travel, and adventure. When he’s not traveling for a wedding or commercial shoot he can be found riding waves, climbing rocks, or fly-fishing a mountain stream with his dog, Blue. Eric is man’s man, but a self described hopeless romantic. He got his start in cinematography shooting surfing and documentaries, and picked up a 16mm camera within his first year in the business. When a friend asked Eric to shoot his wedding a few years later he said, “yes, but only if we can shoot film.” Since then the wedding side of his studio has snowballed, taking him to California, New York, Nicaragua, and many places in between. Shooting exclusively 16mm film on an analog camera, Eric has created a unique visual niche in the wedding world. He brings a daring documentary style to weddings that isn’t for everyone, however, if you love listening to records, the feel of an old book, exploring the outdoors, and the timeless look of film, he just might be the perfect person to tell the story of your wedding day. Follow him @erichires and @erichiresweddings

City Love Photography- Photographer based in NYC

new york city wedding photography

Alexis Buryk is the photographer behind City Love Photography. Now living in Queens, NY she originally hails from the majestic state of New Jersey, and loves exploring in depth the entire New York City metropolitan area, where her family has lived for over 100 years. Her wedding clients tend to be NYC-area natives as well, and her work covers Long Island, the Hamptons, all five boroughs, upstate, and NJ. For Alexis, photographing weddings is all about capturing commitment, community, and celebration. Photography at weddings is such a potent form of imagery; moments in space and time are forever imprinted for future generations to view and re-experience. As the designated witness of the day, Alexis feels particularly humbled and grateful to be part of such an awesome display of intimacy and humanity.

Echoes & Wild Hearts- Photographer + Filmmaker

Liron began shooting 10 years ago, with a little pocket film camera that cost very little but gave him plenty. He was immediately infatuated with capturing emotion, and making it infinite. Today, he is an international wedding & editorial photographer & filmmaker, traveling the globe while focusing on documentary, natural photography. When shooting weddings, Liron captures the essence of the day: A true celebration of love, bliss, good friends and family. It's a huge thrill for him to get a full-pass access to people's lives on their special day, getting to know their loved ones, capturing all those little fleeting moments that usually go un-noticed. Details are great, but Liron’s mission is to create the old photographs your children and grandchildren will be looking at with teary eyes of joy. Liron’s inspiration comes from music, cinema and his travel adventures around the world. When he’s not shooting he can be found playing guitar in a Post-Rock/Shoegaze band, or underwater freediving (he has a 6 minutes personal breath-hold record- seriously!). Find more of his work at here and follow him @hopeforsnow.