About Us

Lisa Raffo Ashley- Manager and Founder of the Collective

The Collective was established by Lisa who worked as a commercial photo agent in New York for almost a decade. A few years ago she discovered blogs such as 100 Layer Cake and Once Wed and immediately fell in love with the new wave of modern, well-crafted weddings they showed. From there it sparked an idea- to offer management and support for wedding photographers. Now from her Venice, CA office she helps promote the work, manages calendars, initial inquires, contracts and billing freeing up the photographers to do what they love and do best- make beautiful photos. It’s become a perfect collaboration mixing business, friendship and photography.

When she’s not managing the Collective you can often find her by the beach, biking around town, or trying a new recipe and listening to some West Coast jazz on the record player.

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Josh Goleman- Photographer based in NY

Josh lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Murphy. They drive mopeds in the summer, travel and take photos together and can make one hell of a home-brewed beer.

Now mostly shooting for Editorial and Music clients during the week, Josh spends his weekends and random weekdays shooting local bands, friends, documentary street photography and other special projects. Because of this full schedule Josh chooses to only shoot 8-10 weddings a year. When he is shooting a wedding it's his goal is to photograph your day as a story capturing the moments in between the moments and to take beautiful portraits that are relaxed and real.

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Gary Ashley- Photographer based in NY & LA

Gary’s a big fan of surfing, making good food and perfecting his jalapeño infused tequila. He's also a big fan of two people in love, surrounded by friends and family, and he considers it an honor to be along for the ride.

Now living in Venice, CA with his wife Lisa (yep, that Lisa) and a cat named Chico, Gary travels back to NY almost monthly for various projects and weddings. Though he mostly shoots digitally he loves nothing more than to bust out his various film cameras including his Widelux, Diana and of course Polaroid. Coming from a documentary background he feels its his job to not only create magical portraits and perfectly shoot the details but also to capture the essense and story of your wedding in a loose and relaxed way.

For most weddings he shoots as a team with his wife and lady behind the Wedding Collective, Lisa Raffo Ashley.

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Brookelyn Photography- Photographer based in NY, Seattle and Hawaii

Brooke has been a photographer for 10 years and has been shooting weddings for 8 of them. Aside from being a photographer and mother to her daughter, Aven, Brooke is a bonafide Traveler. Using an apartment in Brooklyn as her home base she can often be found in one of her two other "homes away from home"- Seattle and Hawaii. Or you may find her hopping on a plane to Iceland, Turkey, India, Mexico, South Africa… you name it.  

She loves exploring new places, finding amazing food, drinking wine and coffee and documenting her daily life through Instagram. If you like good food, drinks or coffee you should probably meet her. If you appreciate her photography and anything else mentioned above you’ll probably work really well together.

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Shannen Natasha - Photographer based in Napa, LA & NY

Originally from California Shannen now splits her time between NY, LA and the Napa area. The majority of her work is on either coast, however her love for travel often takes her internationally and to many other parts of the US where new environments provide great inspiration for her photography.

Shannen's approach to photographing weddings is to shoot each wedding as she would want her own captured. Not only are all the details paid attention to and people highlighted in an editorial manner, but the beauty of ambiance, atmosphere, and of course the moments of the day are all things that she portrays through her work.

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Les Loups- Photographer & DJ based in NY

Ro + Kenan live in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with their twin babies Cassius and Townes and their two pups Roscoe + Walter. She’s a photographer and he’s a DJ with a radio show called Chances With Wolves. As you might guess, they love working as a team. They share a passion and interest in the strange beauty that can be found in everyday experiences, and have been making art together pretty much since the day they met. Respecting the fact that everyone has their own, perfectly unique love story, Ro and Kenan bring a laidback, light-hearted confidence that helps to capture the honest, natural interactions that happen between two people in love.

You can hire them just to shoot the photos if you like. Or you can hire them to not only shoot the dance party but to bring it. It’s up to you, but of course we know which one you should pick!

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Love + Brain Films- Filmmaking Studio Based in NY

Courtney is the principle shooter, creative director and owner of Love + Brain Films. She was born and raised in Minnesota, spent six years living in NYC and is now, by some strange twist of fate, splitting her time between Singapore and NY. Working with her tried and true team of filmmakers, Daniel and Jayme, Love + Brain is truly a transcontinental studio ready to shoot on both sides of the world at a moment's notice. In addition to her wedding work she's also a Webby Award winning travel video producer. She LOVES (I mean, REALLY LOVES) creative brides and grooms who are putting their own spin on their day. Artful and non-traditional, Courtney works with couples to tell their unique love story. She strives to capture real emotion; welding videos to music that reflect a couple’s style. If her typical client had to be summed up? L+B couples are passionate about adventure, fashion, design, traveling and want a digital heirloom of their most treasured moments.

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